Learn How to Lease your Affordable Housing Units Faster


Fewer Interviews = Faster Leasing

Up-to-date information means fewer interviews, so you can cut through unqualified applicants fast.

70% Fewer Calls

Fewer phone calls from applicants due to our online qualification flow means you can stay focused on what matters: getting units leased.

No More Envelope Stuffing

Never mail merge or stuff an envelope again. Send real, physical mail via USPS magically on the internet. Reduced admin = faster leasing. 

Actually Intuitive Software

You’ve got units to lease, so don’t waste time having to train new leasing coordinators. Leasing so intuitive, no training necessary. 


Centralized Communication

Consolidate leasing communication. No matter if your community manager is out, know exactly what happened with each applicant. 

Confirm Eligibility Faster

Applicants uploading documents prior to interviewing = Property managers can reject applicants prior to interview.

“Haven Connect simplified communication with applicants and enabled us to lease-up below market rate properties faster, as well as bring old waitlists online.”

Ann Paton, Equity Residential

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